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#1 BMW Transmission Repair & Service Shop in Tolleson, AZ

Ultimate European is your local Automatic & Manual Transmission Repair specialist. We repair BMW transmissions at a component level saving you thousands over any other option in town.

Only trust your BMW Transmission Repair to the experts at Ultimate European Repair.

The transmission is the most costly and inconvenient part of your BMW when it malfunctions. It will often go into failsafe without warning and require immediate repair, leaving you between a rock and a hard place. Do not let the stress of this situation create a worse situation by bringing your BMW anywhere else but the expert technicians at Ultimate European Repair. Many shops either perform unnecessary repairs or quote an entire transmission and still end up needing a professional to fix their failed attempt. We have years of extensive and comprehensive experience with exactly what works and what does not for all BMW automatic transmission repairs and failures. We have the ability to do complete teardown and rebuilds when needed and replace only what is necessary. This expertise provides the most affordable solutions to repair your transmission back to factory standards with a better than factory warranty of 4 years / 50,000 miles.

Slipping Out of Gear? Hard or Delayed Shifting?

close up image of gears located in a BMW transmission repair service done by Ultimate European Repair in Tolleson, AZ

Your BMW should keep you accelerating and decelerating into and out of traffic seamlessly. The unique driving experience that BMW vehicles are famous for, should always be at your fingertips. That is if the transmission is functioning properly. The sooner you react to its poor performance, the better. If you wait or continue to drive your vehicle with a transmission issue, you can damage the transmission even further and turn an inexpensive repair into an expensive overhaul. Even professional auto repair shops or dealerships will sometimes pass an extensive transmission repair onto a shop that specializes in them. If you are experiencing a transmission shifting problem, do not wait! Call Ultimate European Repair to schedule your transmission service online today! Getting a correct transmission diagnosis is the first step to any transmission repair. Before you spend too much money on a transmission repair, feel free to come to Ultimate European Repair for a second opinion. Misdiagnosis is always very costly, particularly for BMW owners, and a used transmission is often in the same or worse shape than the transmission you already have. At Ultimate European, all of our diagnostic results are guaranteed because we take care to pinpoint only exactly what is needed as opposed to suggesting costly blanket repairs. A specialized diagnosis is always the most affordable way to repair your BMW.

Schedule Your BMW Transmission Service Today!

Let us help you get the most out of your BMW today. Only BMW owners know how exhilarating their driving experiences are and the certified technicians at Ultimate European Repair know how to maintain them for your optimal driving experience. All of our technicians are specifically trained and certified to work with BMWs of all models and ages. After you come to us with a concern, you will drive away with peace the mind that comes with a 3-year / 60,000-mile guarantee. Give us a call today to schedule your next BMW transmission repair service appointment.

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