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We have courtesy vehicles available on an appointment / first come first serve basis for no charge! We also provide transportation assistance to and from our facility. We additionally provide a full vehicle pick-up and return service from your home to our facility at a nominal fee. Call 623-776-6126 to discuss how we can make it as convenient as possible for you!

Yes! We offer free towing with a repair for stranded or disabled vehicles on the road. Call 623-776-6126 to arrange an appointment.

Generally speaking, a thorough inspection of your vehicle by a professional running as many tests as needed to isolate what is needed to properly repair your vehicle takes 24 to 48 hours depending on the complexity of the system.

Yes. There is always a cost for a professional to test and inspect your vehicle. Where we differ is we guarantee our testing and inspection results for a one-time upfront fee. We will then plan the best approach with your needs and lifestyle for the immediate safety and long-term reliability of your vehicle. This is consistently the most cost-effective approach to vehicle ownership. To schedule an appointment, please call 623-776-6126.

Yes, we do work by appointment. This is so that everyone's vehicle gets the same level of precision and every person gets the same personalized service.
However, we can always accommodate a crisis! If you woke up to your car not starting or got a check engine light when driving, call us immediately and we will make it convenient for you at 623-776-6126.

No. While we know it can be inconvenient to have to bring your vehicle in for an estimate, we do have to put the vehicle through our in-shop estimate process in order to quote the price of repairs. Call us at 623-776-6126 to discuss how we can make this work for your schedule and lifestyle. We will make it work for you!

We do not have an hourly rate, we price repairs and services by the job, and we commit to it for that price. That is, a $500 repair is an out-the-door price for that job with only original quality parts, installed by a professional, highly trained mechanic with a 3 year / 60,000-mile warranty. Please call 623-776-6126 to set an appointment to get your vehicle inspected and tested so that we may price needed repairs on your vehicle.

Absolutely! This is the best way to approach buying a vehicle. Whether it is a car or a home, you make your money, "on the buy" as they say. That is, if the vehicle needed a lot of work you were unaware of, the price to get the vehicle back to specification typically exceeds the value.
You wouldn't buy a home without a home inspection, do not buy a vehicle without a buyer's inspection! Call us at 623-776-6126 to schedule an inspection.

We exclusively service all BMW, MINI, Audi, VW (Volkswagen) vehicles 15 years and newer in addition to regular maintenance and repair on Mercedes-Benz. We are the experts in these vehicles.
While we are experienced in vehicles older than 15 years of age, we only service them as complete restoration projects with a deposit and working agreement. We do not perform individual repairs as needed for vehicles older than 15 years.

While the only facilities authorized to perform recalls are dealerships, if you are setting an appointment for service or testing on your vehicle and believe you have an applicable recall on your vehicle, please bring it to our attention when setting an appointment by calling 623-776-6126. We do offer services at a nominal fee to take your vehicle to the dealership for you while it is in our facility to get the recalls performed.

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