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Volkswagen Wiring Harness

How to Deal with a Wiring Harness Failure in a Volkswagen

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The wiring harness in your Volkswagen is an integral component that plays the role of connecting various components by transmitting information and electric power throughout the car. The wiring harness components are an organized set of wires, fuses, terminals, and connectors that runs throughout your Volkswagen.

If you maintain your car properly, it will seldom experience wiring harness failure. However, if the wiring harness of your Volkswagen fails, the overall performance of your car will reduce drastically. Hence, practice routine maintenance and avoid car practices that might trigger its failure.

Common Reasons for Wiring Harness Failure in Volkswagen

  • Natural wear and tear: When the wiring harness of your Volkswagen begins to wear out, the wires and other connectors will become corroded, crumbled, and cracked. Hence, the wiring harness can no longer function properly. If you do not practice regular maintenance for your vehicle, premature wear and tear might occur. This will cause the accelerated wear of the wiring harness and cause it to lose functionality faster than usual. Hence, adhere strictly to your maintenance schedule and have a Volkswagen specialist draw up one for you.
  • Temperature fluctuation: External temperature is another reason why the wiring harness in your car could fail. If the external temperature changes erratically from hot to cold and vice versa, the wiring harness might bend and lose power. Extremely cold or hot temperatures can also cause damage to the wiring harness of your Volkswagen.

Diagnosing wiring harness failure in Volkswagen

To diagnose your Volkswagen of wiring harness failure, you have to look for the signs indicating its failure. Some of the signs associated with wiring harness failure are listed below:

Faulty head and tail lights

One of the parts of your Volkswagen that the wiring harness transmits power to is the head and tail lights. If the wiring harness starts failing, the headlights and tail lights will start failing.

First, you will notice that the lights flicker erratically and then stop working altogether. While other factors may be responsible for the erratic functioning of these safety lights, the wiring harness is also a probable cause. So it is best to report the issue to a mechanic for a proper examination so the cause of the issue can be determined.

Faulty or dead battery

The wiring harness is also responsible for providing power for the battery. If you notice that the battery in your Volkswagen loses charge faster than normal, it may be due to a faulty wiring harness. While there are other reasons why the battery might lose charge, a failing wiring harness is the most common.

Worst case scenario, the battery of your car will stop working and become a dead battery. In this case, your car will refuse to start, and you would need to get a replacement.

Engine malfunction and check engine light are on

Whenever your car’s engine develops any fault, the check engine light comes on to alert you of the fault. If the wiring harness becomes faulty, your engine will no longer receive enough power. You will notice that your car jerks, stutters, or lurches onwards as you drive. When you notice any signs, bring your car to a Volkswagen specialist and have it fixed immediately.

Ultimate European Repair for Quality service and Repairs

Wiring harness failure impedes the high performance of your car. Hence, when you notice that your car is exhibiting signs of wiring harness failure, report to a trusted auto repair shop. The wiring harness is an important component, and that is why our experts in Ultimate European Repair should handle it.

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