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Audi Timing Belt

Signs of a Bad Timing Belt in Audi from Experts of Tolleson

Post on October 28, 2020 by

The timing belt is a crucial feature of your Audi that can result in dangerous problems or even complete vehicle failure if left unrepaired. It is responsible for linking the camshaft to the crankshaft and for ensuring the engine cylinders are in sync and firing at the appropriate times. Without the timing belt, these shafts will run out of sync. Your vehicle will not operate correctly.

Timing belts are expected to last 75,000-100,000 miles (or 7-10 years), which is admittedly a significant range. Because of the extensive potential range in its life, drivers should be aware and look out for the different signs indicating your timing belt’s integrity has been compromised.

Common Signs of Timing Belt Damage

Your vehicle’s engine may misfire. If the timing belt becomes loose or falls from a gear or other component, the camshaft or crankshaft could become out of sync. A lack of synchronization results in cylinders opening and closing too soon. This will eventually lead to dangers such as engine misfires. Engine misfires pose the threat of severe damage to your car’s engine. You should consult a mechanic immediately if you encounter this problem.

You may hear ticking noises. A ticking noise is an indication that your timing belt has started to wear out. As the timing belt assists the crankshaft in sending fuel into the combustion chamber and expelling burnt gas out of the exhaust system, a ticking sound can arise when the belt has worn down.

You may see smoke emitting from your vehicle. The cylinders of your car have holes responsible for emitting out the exhaust and letting in air. When the timing belt is damaged, these holes will not open and close at the correct time, resulting in a buildup of smoke emanating from your exhaust.

The engine will not turn over. Another sign your vehicle’s timing belt is damaged is that your engine will start. This is because the crank and camshaft cannot properly rotate due to the damaged timing belt. While you might hear your car’s starter motor engage, you will not be able to get your vehicle to start entirely.

The engine has decreasing oil pressure. Pieces of the camshaft can break off depending on how and what happens while your timing belt is damaged. Some of the pieces can fall into your car’s oil pan, which will result in the pressure decreasing significantly.

Should I drive with a damaged timing belt?

Chances are you won’t be able to get your car to start at all, let alone drive with it. But in the event you are able to get your vehicle running, it is highly recommended you do not drive unless it’s to your nearest auto repair facility.

A car running on a damaged timing belt can result in severe damage to the engine and other critical parts of your vehicle, meaning that more driving means a greater chance of unnecessary vehicle damage. This would also be a very costly repair to replace any damage under the hood from a loose belt shattering and hitting various parts.

Let Ultimate European Repair Fix Your Timing Belt

Unless you possess a thorough knowledge of automobile repair, we don’t advise you to try and repair your timing belt on your own. Replacing the belt requires placing it around the proper gears and pulleys, and removing pieces such as the hood. This could result in even more damage to your vehicle if repaired incorrectly.

Timing belts can be easily fixed by expert mechanics, meaning you can significantly mitigate your car’s potential damages by maintaining a consistent inspection schedule with a mechanic.

If you are concerned that your car’s timing belt might be worn or damaged, let the experts at Ultimate European Repair inspect it. Our garage specializes only in Audi, BMW, Mini, and Volkswagen, and our master technicians are able to assist you in a large variety of problems you might encounter with these vehicles.

We are located in Tolleson, AZ and Audi Timing Belt Repairservice cars throughout Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, and Peoria areas. Because we use a one-on-one consulting system, we can ensure a personalized experience that will prioritize the specific needs you have for your vehicle. Please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation or vehicle inspection online or over the phone.

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