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Audi Dashboard

The Leading Repair Shop in Tolleson to Fix your Digital Dashboard Failure in an Audi

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Audi’s designers created what they call a virtual cockpit for the driver to have convenient information about their car in digital detail. Audi models which have this variation are the A3, A4, A5, S4, Q5, and R8. While some auto enthusiasts would prefer the antique dashboard, Audi has created an intriguing take on the display that leaves most of us eager to see it in action and use it on our commutes.

Virtual Cockpit Details

What makes this digital dashboard so impressive is its size. The screen is a little over a whopping 12 inches wide, so it’s easy to comprehend statistics in the blink of an eye on its massive, brightly-lit display. In addition to its visual aids, you can also voice control this virtual cockpit, which is not only convenient, but it is blatantly cool to tech-savvy drivers.

In your virtual cockpit, you can use voice commands or touch commands to:

  • Play music and listen to playlists on your phones
  • Utilize navigation apps and maps with voice guidance and a bright, easy-to-see display
  • Use voice commands to make phone calls as well as create and send texts
  • View statistics about your Audi, such as the typical speedometer, revs per minute, engine temperature gauge, fuel levels, warning indicators, etc.

What’s additionally exciting is that the virtual cockpit can be installed in Audis (and Volkswagens) that did not come off the manufacturer line with this feature. Be sure to contact your trusted Audi experts for more information on if your model can be converted from analog gauges to the digital dashboard.

Digital Dashboard Trouble: Indications that your Virtual Cockpit is Crashing

You can find multiple forums online discussing the instrument cluster of the digital dashboard. When it fails or glitches, you can no longer see the stats of your Audi, such as your speed, engine temperature, or fuel gauge. This also bleeds into your enjoyment of utilizing voice commands to change the song playing or make and answer phone calls.

One of the most common reasons the virtual cockpit fails is an electrical problem. Your Audi utilizes electrical wiring and a fuse to ensure the LCD display is bright and accurate, so when one or more of these components begins to break down, you will have a problem.

You might notice flickering of your display, dimming, or even a line or pixilation in one or more areas of your display. The sensors and indicators may malfunction and give you an incorrect speed or fuel level, possibly landing you into trouble for speeding or stranding you if your Audi runs out of gasoline.

Many do-it-yourself car enthusiasts tend to try to fix this problem on their own. While a blown fuse is easy enough to buy and replace if you know what you’re doing, you can also cause a short circuit of the electrical system and wind up at the repair shop sooner than later.

If you suspect that your Audi’s virtual cockpit is having a problem, it’s a good idea to come to our shop and let one of our technicians hook it up to an OCD monitor to diagnose any problems immediately. We will also ensure your instrument cluster is updated with the latest software from Audi so it’s functioning at its best for your safety and pleasure.

Ultimate European Repair: Digital Dashboard Repair and Service

If your dashboard is glitching, malfunctioning, or failing, bring it to us at Ultimate European Repair. We specialize in Audi technology and will inspect and diagnose your digital dashboard problems quickly. Once we speak with you about the result, you can give us the go-ahead for updating your dashboard’s technology, making any necessary repairs, and servicing it as necessary.

At Ultimate European Repair, we are master technicians of these brands:

We proudly service our clients living in Audi Fuse Inspection and around Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, Peoria, Arizona. Your dashboard is important for your safety and knowing how your Audi is performing at all times. If you have any service or maintenance needs, call us today for a convenient appointment. We look forward to earning your patronage and proving why we are the best choice for your Audi’s car care needs.

* Audi Dashboard image credit goes to: Dmitrii Guldin.

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