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BMW Engine Stalling

Top Repair Shop in Tolleson for Repairing the VANOS System of Your BMW

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While BMWs have earned a reputation as some of the most precise luxury vehicles on the market, even these magnificent cars need routine maintenance through a reputable repair shop. In particular, the VANOS system of a BMW can become bogged down with problems like a loss of power that slows the vehicle’s RPM. Problems like this can be caught and prevented before they become expensive issues.

In this article, we will cover what the VANOS system in your BMW does and why this system matters, as well as what signs to look for that often indicate problems with the VANOS system. Should you notice any of these signs, contact your repair shop as soon as possible.

Your VANOS System

BMWS made after 1990 include a VANOS system to improve the vehicle’s range and power by giving your BMW more variety in how it adjusts the engine’s timing. This system allows BMWs to run with high or low-end torque power instead of always running on one or the other. If your BMW has been suffering from a loss of power, there’s a good chance that the VANOS system is in need of a repair.

Typically, the VANOS system adjusts the power and timing of the engine with oil pressure. By applying different amounts of this pressure with a solenoid, which is the long wire cord located on a gear on the camshaft, the gear is moved in or out, which is what controls the engine’s valve timing.

BMW manufacturers recommend that you have the VANOS system of your vehicle checked after driving 50,000 miles, as the seals in the system will probably need to be replaced by then. It is also a good idea to have the VANOS system inspected after reaching 70,000 miles, as the entire system could require a replacement or a lesser repair.

Signs of Issues with Your BMW’s Vanos System

Thankfully, the signs of a worn out VANOS system are fairly easy to spot. Most of them are tied to your BMW’s engine. Should you notice or suspect any of the following issues, be sure to get your vehicle to a qualified repair shop as soon as you can.

  • Engine Idling Roughly: If your BMW’s engine has started to idle roughly or inconsistently, or if you hear rattling sounds from within the engine while it is idling, any number of VANOS components could be damaged or faulty, as the entire system affects the piston’s ability to move.
  • Engine Stalling: Similarly, issues with parts in the VANOS system can cause the engine of your BMW to stall at random intervals while you drive, though this often happens after acceleration. A stalling engine is serious and often leads to accidents, so do your best to pull over if your BMW does this. Contact our skilled service technicians and have your car towed in.
  • Engine Losing Power: If the issue with the VANOS system is not too serious, your BMW may suffer from a loss of RPM rather than a stalling engine, especially after attempting to accelerate. This sort of power loss is often caused by a worn seal in the system.
  • Poorer Fuel Economy: Since your BMW’s engine cannot perform at its best if the VANOS system is unable to properly adjust the valve timing, there is a good chance that your vehicle will start using more fuel. If you notice an increase of gas usage, particularly combined with any of the engine problems listed above, your VANOS system is most likely in need of replacement or repair.

How Ultimate European Repair Can Help

At Ultimate European Repair, we prioritize the long-term performance of your vehicle, and our master technicians operate to minimize your costs and provide the most effective replacements or repairs. Our reputation as a quality & trustworthy repair shop attracts clients from all over Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Phoenix, Peoria, and other nearby areas of AZ.

Ultimate European Repair specializes BMW VANOS System Repairin working with several luxury brands, including BMW, Mini, VW, and Audi. So if you think that the VANOS system of your BMW needs an inspection, we would be glad to help. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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